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Dom Famularo and Modern Drummer Magazine recognized Jeff on a list of drum teachers from around the world who offer “top-notch instruction”

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The teaching studio in Richmond, VA is fully equipped with two drum sets, Latin percussion instruments, marimba, xylophone, and bell set. There is  a practice pad station with video capability for analysis of technique. The audio/video setup allows Jeff to incorporate technology into his curriculum. Johnson Drum Instruction is the perfect atmosphere for learning drums and percussion.

Snare Drum / Drum Pad Station

Percussion Instruments

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The Johnson Drum Instruction

Most drum and percussion teachers conduct their lessons in music stores.  These stores usually have extremely small lesson rooms with trumpet, drum, guitar, and other lessons happening at the same time.  A common sight in stores is the teacher who teaches all instruments (usually guitar, bass, drums and others).  This, of course, gives the teacher more business and a larger paycheck.  But, unfortunately for the student, the teacher is often not qualified to teach multiple instruments. 

Just as music stores have turnover within their sales staff, the teaching staff is also uncertain.  Teachers often leave midway through the student’s course of study.  The stores scatter to quickly replace that teacher with one who is available, not necessarily one who is qualified.

Most music stores and lesson facilities require a registration fee.  At Johnson Drum Instruction, there is no registration fee – The student pays for the drum instruction, not the studio’s paperwork. At Johnson Drum Instruction, there are never recital fees either!

While I have taught in music stores over the years, I have found that a retail space is not the best environment for teaching.

  • Johnson Drum Instruction in Richmond, VA is set up specifically for drum and percussion lessons.  The practice pad station has mirrored walls for analysis of hand technique.  This allows both the student and teacher to view the drumstick technique from different angles.
  • The Johnson Drum Instruction studio has two drum sets.  This omits the need to have the student and teacher share the same drum set.  The student and teacher can play simultaneously.
  • The studio is also equipped with mallet percussion and Latin percussion instruments.
  • The studio has all necessary teaching materials including books, CDs, DVDs, laptop with top of the line recording software, mixing board, and audio system.  The student will be able to play along with recordings or view supplemental DVD material to solidify the lesson material.

  • The studio is set up for both in-person and online lessons.


There is a waiting room with wi-fi and restroom are available for students, parents and siblings.

Payment methods include cash, check, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.

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