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Dom Famularo and Modern Drummer Magazine recognized Jeff on a list of drum teachers from around the world who offer “top-notch instruction”

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Many people transitioned to online lessons during Covid. Jeff was teaching online lessons even before the pandemic. He has such an efficient online teaching method that many students in his hometown still choose to study online. His dual-monitor setup along with upgraded audio and video equipment make students feel as if they are in the same room together. Please see below for more info.

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More Photos Coming Soon!

More Photos Coming Soon!

Online Drum Lessons
Questions and Answers

A laptop would work best, as I will be sharing my screen at times to display musical notation. However, I also have students that use a smaller device (such as iPad) without any issues. Obviously, you would need an internet connection as well.

As with in-person lessons, online lessons will utilize books. I have studio copies of the books that I use, so I can follow along as you are playing through the examples in your book.

I will also use educational PDFs that I have created. In those cases, I will share the screen during the lesson. After the lesson, the PDFs (and lesson assignment) will be accessible through an online folder.

I have found that Skype works better from the start. Zoom is a very good platform, but there are more settings that need to be adjusted to facilitate drum lessons. For this reason, I use Skype as my main platform.


I didn’t offer online lessons right away. When online lessons first came about, it often would feel impersonal and awkward. There was often a lack of eye contact, with the teacher’s laptop camera angled up toward his face. This made many of us teachers initially avoid online lessons. Now, with external cameras and correct camera placement, it can feel very comfortable for both the teacher and student.

I have a dual-monitor setup, so I can see the student at all times – even when I am sharing musical notation from my screen. My upgraded microphone and camera allow for clear audio and video.

I recently helped a former student set up his online teaching gear. At first, his camera view looked more like security cam footage. After some adjustments, it looked and felt very comfortable.

I will send an invoice via email. The invoice can be paid with a credit/debit card, PayPal, or Venmo. The payments are securely processed through the PayPal system.

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